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Virtual Freedom & Getting Help With Your Events

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Virtual Freedom from Christ Ducker

If you’re reading this, you’re in for a treat. Over the last few months, I’ve uncovered this 1 strategy that has taken my business to another level and now you get to be the sole beneficiary of the lessons learned.

This one strategy will push your events forward, free up more of your time and give you great rewards.


What you’ll learn in this post:
learning 1 What the Super Hero Syndrome is and how it’s holding you back.
learning 2 Ways to get help that will skyrocket your success.
learning 3 How you’ll be rewarded with more free time to grow your business.

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I have a weakness I have to admit to you. Don’t worry it’s nothing too Scandal/Olivia Pope worthy.

What’s that weakness you ask?

Well it’s the fact that I suffer from the “Super Hero Syndrome”.

OK what’s that?

As Chris Ducker the author of Virtual Freedom describes it, someone who suffers from the Super Hero Syndrome feels they can do any and everything in their business by themselves.

If you’re in events this may mean that you feel you can, design the flyers, book the venues, play the music, do security, promote online, spread the word, mop the floors and pour the drinks all by yourself. Oh and you expect to do this with the same 24HR a day that everyone else might have.

Then even more ridiculous, you expect to do all these things at high level and get great results. Who are you really kidding? Who was I really kidding?

When I read this in Virtual Freedom, the reality slapped me in the face. The words were so crystal, the message so clear, the importance so, well, important.

It was time to take off the cape and get more help from others.

Letting Go

The first step in retiring from Super hero or “Super Moron” duties was to make the 3 lists to freedom as instructed in the book. A list of things you hate doing everyday, list of things you’re struggling to do, list of things you shouldn’t be doing.

Once I sat down to create this for myself I came to the conclusion that I was some sort of mad man. There were a ton of spinning wheel tasks that just wasted my time daily. Items that I needed to do, but just couldn’t get to because of other time suck tasks. Things I loved doing, but really someone else could get done while I focus on more important opportunities for the business.

Most importantly I was throwing away my most important asset, my time.

A true revelation and eye opener!

There’s just something about seeing everything you have to do on paper that makes the situation real. Sure, you may have had a feeling that you were doing too much, getting nowhere, but when it’s documented you can see the situation for what it truly is.


Finding Great Help

Once the list was made, it was time to get some help. Of course Chris Ducker talks a lot about outsourcing to the Philippines and other such offshore communities, but

I didn’t feel comfortable with going all the way there yet.

What to do? Where to go for help?


RECOMMENDED READING: Virtual Freedom by Chris Ducker. Get The Book.

I was lucky enough to be having a conversation with one of my friends living in Jamaica who was looking to add some extra income to his monthly bottom line. Perfect!

Someone I trust, someone who actually had a few skills that could translate to what needed to be done for events and most importantly, reliable.

Now you may be thinking, “great, everything could be offloaded to this one person,” but if you couldn’t do it all, what makes you think one person helping could do it all? You’ll simply be transferring your insanity to another person. So I took that warning from the book to heed and never went that route.

Instead I made a list of general spinning wheel activities that needed to get done, but wasn’t the best use of my time. Many were more admin type tasks that didn’t require major skill sets to accomplish.

Once we were in agreement to what would be handled for the events, it was time to actually create a workflow.

The Importance of Structure

A few things we set up that have helped so far have been:

  1. Creating detailed instructions in Evernote for how tasks and items are handled.
  2. Setting up a project plan in the Asana platform to list what needs to be done and when they’re due.
  3. Documented the process of a few tasks using video, so tasks wouldn’t have to be explained again and again.
  4. Frequent Skype conversations to stay in communication, discuss improvements and remain on focus.

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Our process is not NASA worthy, but it gets the job done and we’re working to make it better.

The initial setup may take some time, but you only have to do it once and when you get rolling you’ll be happy you got everything situated.

A major light bulb in creating our project structure was realizing how many steps to an item that may be second nature to me but would have someone new to things totally confused. It was important to document every single step in 1 process and explain why it was done a certain way.

For example, say you were hiring someone to handle the social media content for your high end networking brand, you wouldn’t want them just posting any time of content. The posts would have to connect with the audience, you may not use certain terminology and you might not want videos of Amber Rose shaking her butt next to business plans.

You may not think it matters or think that you have to explain reasons why you operate a certain way, but trust me… explain everything.

Again, you’ll have to do this very few times.

Initially there will be some hand holding, but after a while the person helping you will be off and running.

Has This All Helped?

Hell yeah!

Virtual Freedom, the help of my friend and this process have been of major help to us and our business over the last few months.

Right away, just the feeling of the burden being lifted from many of these tasks was reward enough. My mind was free to think on other more important things and I was able to put time into other growth areas to make our events better.

Just a few of the things accomplished were:

  1. Studying and implementing social media marketing for our target audience.
  2. Test strategies for more engagement of our members, like running competitions online etc.
  3. Focusing efforts on landing event sponsorship from companies targeting our niche.
  4. Planning and organizing content for our events months in advance.
  5. Enjoying the process of producing events again.

These and many other activities I simply didn’t have time for when there was no help in running our system.

Most importantly I have a lot of my time back and if that were the only benefit, getting help would have been a major win.

Over time we’ve seen that this system and structure has had a compounding effect on our success. Just this one decision months ago in our business has resulted in some truly rewarding happenings lately that I’m looking forward to share with you in future posts on the blog.

Now what?

Continue to Improve

Now that we’ve started the process, it’s time to build on it and refine things. I can definitely hand off more to my friend to get done, that wouldn’t be a stretch from what’s already being achieved. Other help could be outsourced, especially in the time consuming areas of design, social media marketing and the like.

Design is something I love doing, love the hands on aspect of it, but it’s time to let that go.

As with any system and process, it is never really 100% done, so with this in mind, it will be a daily, weekly, monthly, annual ongoing strategy.

It’s not like Coca Cola or Amazon say, “Yeh we have it figured out, we can stop here now!”

Where To Go From Here?

If you haven’t, I highly recommend you…

  1. Get a copy of Virtual Freedom from Chris Ducker ( It’s A Game Changer )
  2. Start documenting your systems and how you do things
  3. Create your 3 Lists to Freedom
  4. Get some good help
  5. Get out your own damn way

You’ll be glad you took the time to make your business better, so you can focus on goals and tasks that will grow and push your company to a higher level.

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Now It’s Your Turn – What’s Your Experience With Outsourcing?

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