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Happy New Year and Your Success

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success in 2015

Welcome to the new year folks. 2015 is here and is filled with new possibilities, new feelings, new goals and much more. We hope you get to accomplish everything you set out to achieve and then some this year.

Now just like anyone else, we have a lot of things we’d like to take on as well, many that will be beneficial to you and your events. We’ll get more into that below in this post.

For now we’d like to thank you for joining us on this journey to awesome events. The better we get at what we do, is the more value we can provide to you. What better way is there than to learn from people walking the path right?

Now on to the game plan for 2015. Keep reading…

Our Posting Schedule

Since the launch of this site we’ve had to figure out a schedule that will make sense and provide the most impact for you the reader. Based on the past posts we didn’t accomplish that, even though they were filled with great content. *dusts shoulders off*

In 2015 we’ve planned content and decided to stick to posting consistently on Mondays and Thursdays. We believe that’s a frequency that will allow you all to digest the new posts and apply it to your business.

What will we be posting?

More Case Studies & Experiments

We’re all for spouting off about the past and what we’ve previously accomplished, but in a fast moving industry, what has worked before can become obsolete quite quickly.

So our focus will be more about what we’re doing NOW. What we’re experimenting with, the good, the bad and the terribly ugly. Best to learn from the wins and losses of others than go out and make failing attempts yourself they say.

Some experiments and case studies will be one offs, while others will be over a longer period of time. We’ll dive deep into the decisions, ideas and numbers of these case studies so you know what’s worth applying to your own business.

We already have a case study set to go live for you on Thursday, so remember to come back now yall. Set your reminders.

Live On Your Radio, Well In Your Earbuds

In 2015 besides more written content, you can expect to hear from us live in your earbuds, headphones and through your speakers. We plan on dropping a podcast filled with interviews, ideas and insight from us and others in our industry.

The written word is cool and all, but sometimes nothing beats a great conversation between people at the top of their game. Conversations like these we have every single week, however now we’re just recording them and putting out for the world to hear.

Our hope is that you will find many golden nuggets from these conversations with individuals who make the nightlife scene live, then turn around and apply them to your own events.

Keep your ears open for that. COMING SOON!

Books, Courses And Study Material To Elevate Your Game

Wouldn’t it be great if there were more books and resources related to the intricacies of building your own little nightlife empire? Sure there are general books on business, marketing and the sort, but there’s nothing really nightlife specific.

Sucks right?

We all know there’s so much that goes into making events happen which a general marketing book can’t cover. Think about it, have you read any book on how do deal with a rowdy bachelorette party, with a bride blowing chunks? Neither have we, hence the reason for publishing our own books, courses and resources in 2015.

The first book is already in production and will be launched in February through Amazon as an ebook first and then as a physical book later on. So stay tuned.

We’ll announce more about the courses and study material throughout the year. Let us know what you’d love to learn about nightlife and we’ll make sure we get the topics covered.

What Would You Love to See Here?

Enough about our plans for Mastering Events, what would you like to see on the blog, in the books, courses and experiments?

This site is here to serve you, so feel free to comment, email, carrier pigeon and smoke signal to us what you’d like to learn.

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We’ll go out and even try new tactics, type of events and ideas so we can bring the lessons to you for your benefit.

You might even say you want less case studies, experiments and that you’d like more stories from the archives.

It’s your world, so let us know how you want us to live in it.


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Now It’s Your Turn – What’s Will You Accomplish This Year?

There you have it! Our plan is to bring you more awesomesauce.

Now that you have ours, what’s yours?

How do you plan on making 2015 the best for you, your events and your supporters?

Think on it and then drop us a line.

See you in the comments!


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