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Reflecting, Planning & Your Success In 2015

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Planning Your Success in 2015

At this point in the year we’re usually doing a few things. Belching off leftovers (and praying we didn’t gain 10 – 20 holiday lbs), thinking about all the things we did or didn’t achieve and planning a laundry list of things that we will achieve for the new year.

New Year, New Me, right?

So we’re not going to judge you for all the belching, weight gain and delirium. Instead we’re going to focus on a piece of your life that should matter, your event business.

Sure all the other aspects of your life matter, but this isn’t a lifestyle site and blog, this site is about the success of your events.

What you’ll learn in this post:
learning 1 The most important things you need to reflect on from your past.
learning 2 The benefits of big and small improvements.
learning 3 Why it’s important to focus on leverage.
learning 4 How experimenting could bring you surprising success.

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Ok, what do we do first?

Review What Worked & What Didn’t

Before I go running into planning for my new year, I usually spend some time reflecting on the year and thinking about the aspects of my business that were successes and failures.

I’ve often heard, “Success leaves clues.” Well failure does as well and it’s important you have some idea of both aspects so you can plan your events and business accordingly.

With successful elements you can continue with those habits and also practice those habits more often for each and every event you plan.

An example for me has been leveraging advertising platforms on social media. We’re always experimenting with new ways of attracting people to our events and one of those experiments was Facebook ads. I’ll get more in depth with how we’ve done this in a future post. However the point is, we saw success, so we should get better at Facebook advertising and do it more consistently.

Again, the same with failures. Were there aspects that totally flopped? Did an event totally fail?

Some elements of the failure may not be apparent to you, but there are others that are more glaring. Make a list of the ones you know, ask others for feedback, brainstorm with your collaborators, add these items to your stop doing list.

Review every event right after its success or failure so you don’t have to think all the way back to the beginning of the year. There may have been ideas and tips that eroded over the span of the year.

PRO PRO TIP: Learn from the success and failures of your competition. Can you add things that worked well for them? Were there failed tactics to avoid?

Where Can You Improve?

So you summarized these successes and failures from the first step, now what?

Think on each item and figure out ways you can improve in the upcoming year.

I like to place each item in two categories, Incremental Improvement and Massive Improvement.

In the Incremental Improvement category I would put items like, Conversion of Facebook Ads, Conversion of Birthday / VIP Calls to Purchases and List sign up rates at the event door.

In my Massive Improvement category I would put items like, # of People on The Email List, Total Turn Out for An Event, and More Top Level Event Sponsors.

For you, your list might be different, so ask yourself based on your initial list. What’s worth improving in both big and small ways.

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Do you want more VIPs?

Would like more sponsors?

More income from the door?

How can you execute your event plans further in advance?

Whatever your list is, put them in these two categories and get to work.

What Will Give You The Most Leverage?

Improvement on these things mentioned can be great for your business, but how can we get some big wins in? These big wins could take your events to a whole new level of success.

An example of this would be sponsorship of your events. Whereas improving revenue from the door would be an improvement, landing a sponsor is a big lever worth pulling.

If sponsorship was one of your big leverage points, you’d make a list of possible sponsors for your events. Think on who has relationships with these sponsors and how you could make it a mutually beneficial opportunity for all parties involved.

Can you email your email list about sponsorship opportunities? They’re on your list, love your events, why not ask them?

Sponsors are only one example, however the point is to think of many aspects of your business like this that will be great wins and catapult your success in 2015.

How Will You Experiment?

Success, failures, improvement, leverage… what else?

Another thing we like to do is make a list of experiments we’d love to run before, during and after the events.

The previous steps were all about making things better based on what you already know. Experiments are all about new. These may be little ideas that came to mind but you never executed. They may even be tweaks to your marketing, trying a new platform for advertising, doing giveaway contests, sparklers for your VIP bottles.

Whatever you want to try, make a list, pick a date and decide when you plan on executing the experiment during the new year.

Tweet this! Some of our biggest wins have been little experiments that turned into something amazing.

Don’t make these experiments convoluted and overboard. Make them things that if they work, AWESOME, if not, MEH, keep it moving.

Wrapping It All Up

Hopefully you found these ideas useful and worth trying. If you have, make sure you pick a day to make some quiet time so you can get going. Waiting until the new year might be too late, your competition may already be ahead of you.

So while you’re burping off holiday leftovers and being merry, think, plan and execute ways to make your events in 2015 even more epic.

Here’s to your success!


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 tweetable Tweet this! Some of our biggest wins have been little experiments that turned into something amazing.
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Now It’s Your Turn – What’s Your Experience?
If you have ways and ideas on how to plan for a great year, please share them in the comments below.


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