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Night Club Tools

Ever wondered what were the night club tools all the big event promoters and nightclubs were using to make their events successful?

Well we’ve had the same thoughts before and invests tons time and money to test and use many. Here are quite a few worth looking into of course more will be added over time. Use at your own benefit.

Not having some of these tools could spell the difference between your event success or disaster. Basically we’ve filtered all the duds so you don’t have to waste YOUR TIME or MONEY, so make sure you get what you need here.

We’ve also included some of our favorites. You’re welcome… Enjoy!

DISCLOSURE: While many of these tools are free, some of these links are affiliate links, which means we might get a commission if you choose to purchase any of them. We just wanted you to know that in advance. We’ve recommended these tools and resources mainly for your help to become a bad ass renegade promoter.

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Most Recommended Nightclub Tools

If you don’t check out the long list of useful resources below, then here are the ones you MUST give a look.
We end up referring many friends and fellow promoters to these resources pretty much every week.
They should be in your MUST HAVE set of tools and resources.
They’ll make your marketing and life even more amazing.

Get Hostgator HOSTGATOR – If you’re marketing events then you should have a website, no excuses. IF don’t, you aren’t serious about what you’re doing. Hostgator is a great cost effective hosting solution for your website starting out. Some packages starting out less that $9 per month. An awesome feature of Hotgator is that you can set up your own site with a few simple clicks. You don’t have to be a tech genius to do so. Click to get started with hostgator.

Get Aweber AWEBER – THE MONEY IS IN YOUR LIST! Every successful promoter and event marketer has a list of contacts, some even lists of hundred thousands and more. Aweber is the golden standard for email list providers and is a perfect start for getting your own list going. Whether Aweber or not, find an email list provider now, it will be the #1 tool in your marketing arsenal.

Get Namecheap NAMECHEAP – Before you can get that site going, you need to get your own site name. Makes sense right? DO NOT make the mistake of signing up for your website name through your host. Once you decide to switch hosts you mar run into problems. So register your domain through Namecheap to save yourself headaches later. Get your own site name here.

Get LeadPages LEADPAGES – Building your list as an event marketer is your #1 priority and LeadPages makes it super simple to get your pages created on your site or blog in order to do so. Get LeadPages and start building your lists today. You won’t be disappointed. Check out LeadPages here.

Get Dropbox DROPBOX – Let’s be clear, Dropbox has been a lifesaver for our business. You can save all your event files flyers, lists, videos, pictures, proposals and more all in one place. Even better you can access it all from any device, desktop, tablet or phone. If you’re worried about losing your business if your laptop crashes, then Dropbox is for you. Find out more about Dropbox here.

List Building

check it outMailerMailer – Another great mailing list provider for collecting emails and promoting your events. Again the money is in the list and you’ll need a provider to send your events to your list. NO Gmail is not a smart way of emailing hundreds or thousands of people.
check it outAweber – As mentioned in the favorite recommendations section, Aweber is another great email list provider and is standard in many industries.
check it outLeadPages – Want to set up pages to collect those emails and build your mega list? Get LeadPages it makes things simple and easy, even if you have no clue about getting websites made.
check it outEz Texting – Another list you MUST be building is your text/SMS list. Everyone is walking around with their eyes glued to their smartphones. If they miss an email, they’ll definitely get a text message. The money is in this list too.

Ticket Sales

check it outEventbrite – EventBrite is a no hassle way of making ticket sales a breeze for your events. All the big boys sell tickets through their service, so why shouldn’t you?
check it outTicketleap – Another great service for selling tickets and creating RSVP pages is TicketLeap. We’ve had great experiences with them. Not as bells and whistles as Eventbrite, which can be a good thing if you appreciate simplicity.
check it outWufoo – If you don’t need to sell tickets and just want an RSVP form for your events, then Wufoo is the way to go. In a few clicks you can export all your RSVPs for the night. It’s also amazing for exporting your contacts and uploading them into your email lists and SMS lists to promote your future upcoming events.
check it outPayPal – When you sell your event tickets or even have to pay for services, you need a payment processor. PayPal is pretty much the go to for many event promoters. You’ll have access to your money from sales fairly quickly. You can also get a PayPal debit card and have access to your money immediately. An even better you don’t have to deal with the drama of setting up your own payment processor to handle ticket sales. Who needs to add that nightmare to their life? PayPal for the win!

Site Setup

check it outNamecheap Domain Registrar – Get your website name for your business or event through them. You’ll be happy! Don’t buy your domain/website name through your site host. We’ve done that before and once we had to switch hosts we had all sort of problems. It was like negotiating with the mafia for our own website name. That should sound scary enough for you to not go through the same scenario. No sleeping with the fishes.
check it outHostgator Site Hosting – Speaking of web hosts… Hostgator is the company we refer to people getting started the most. Their cheap, reliable and easy to use.
check it outWP Engine Site Hosting – Once you’re ready for the big leagues, you might want to upgrade your website hosting. It will make your sites faster and more reliable, especially once you’re getting tons of traffic to your event. Nothing hurts ticket sales and marketing more than your site crashing due to all the buzz. ( WP Engine is what we use to host Mastering Events. )
check it outWordPress Site Builder – Millions of sites are now built on WordPress and you don’t need to be an IT genius to set it up. You can access tons of tools, apps and themes to make your website an amazing platform for your events.
check it outFree Site Themes – Need your website to look good? WordPress has a lot of FREE themes to get you started. Your site doesn’t have to look like crap!
check it outThemeForest Premium Site Themes – Free themes not making you stand out? Theme Forest is our go to for quality site/worpress themes to make your sites look amazing. Invest in your business and get a premium website theme.

Graphic Elements

check it outFiverr – It’s absolutely AMAZING the quality work you can get done for $5. Don’t believe us? Then check out Fiverr today! Video editing, designs, proof reading, editing, voiceovers and more can be done on Fiverr. Be sure to check out the feedback and ratings of the person offering the gig you’re looking into, so you get good work done for your events.
check it outPicMonkey – Want to edit your images really quickly bout you aren’t a graphic designer nor do you want to spend tons of cash on Photoshop? Well Picmonkey is your savior and well worth checking out. It’s web based and offer many editing options for your Instagram, Facebook and other promotional images.
check it outGraphic River – Keeping in line with the not having to be an amazing designer line, check out GraphicRiver for templates you can use and edit for pretty much anything. Flyers, business cards, logos etc, they have them. Best yet you won’t have to hire a designer for tons of money anymore.
check it out99Designs – Now if you don’t want to edit stuff yourself then 99Designs can be a great go to. Set up the job you need to get done, flyers, logos, banners etc., then get great designers to bid on them. Had an experience with them for projects.
check it outPhotoDune – Ever wondered where designers got their amazing images? Ponder no longer friends, they’re mostly on quality image sites like Photodune. Get quality images so your events look professional and slick. Leave the cheesy 90s images for the other promoter guys.
check it outVideoHive – Can’t afford to hire awesome video guys for millions? Well get great stock video of pretty much anything you’re promoting via Videohive.
check it outAudio Jungle – For quality audio snippets to make your video and promo stand out, you’ll want to look into Audio Jungle. For a few bucks you can stand out from your competition.

Social Media Management

check it outHootsuite – If you have to manage a bazillion social media accounts, Hootsuite will be your other savior. From Twitter accounts to Facebook, it can handle it all. You can even schedule your posts and updates, so you don’t have to sit there all day on social media posting away. Great time saver!
check it outIFTTT – In the interest of saving time you’ll also want to check out If This Then That ( IFTTT). It allows you to connect your different accounts on social media and others so you don’t have to log in individually to make the same posts over and over again. Trust! It’s an amazing time saver. Efficiency is key.
check it outWP Sharely – Want to get the content of your website to go viral? WPSharely can help. It allows you to make your audience share your content on social media to their friends, so you don’t have to. Free promo from your audience is golden.

Team Management

check it outGoogle Drive – We started off with Google Drive to communicate and manage our team. From check lists, to updates, to balance sheets and templates, this is a perfect resource to begin with. Upload your files to one place and give the important people access.
check it outEvernote – When you’re ready to upgrade from Google Drive or just weary of Google having access to all your information, this is where you go, Evernote. We use Evernote every – single – day without fail. Whether bookmarking ideas and websites to use for our events, making notes, or creating templates for our team, Evernote is our go to. Get Evernote, it will change your life. It’s that good!
check it outDropbox – As mentioned in our favorite/most recommended resource section, Dropbox is another “can’t live without” resource. We back up and save everything to Dropbox. The great thing is, you can start out with a free account and have tons of space available for daily use. We back up our videos, pictures, documents and more in Dropbox. We’ve had computers go toast on us and lost important data. With Dropbox as a backup we never have to worry about that again. You can also access your files from anywhere. Desktop, tablet, smartphone, OUTER SPACE. lol. You got the idea, get Dropbox today.
check it outAsana – Once you outgrow Google Drive for communicating with your team, a great resource is Asana. Awesome project management made available to you for FREE 99. Create projects, break them down to tasks and delegate to the right people all in Asana.
check it outScreen-Cast-Omatic – Here’s how we give directions to our team on getting things done. We use this application to do screencasts video recordings of our laptop screens and go through the steps of doing things. Need someone to post to your Facebook group? Shoot a video of yourself doing it and then share that video with instructions to them. Use Screen-Cast-Omatic to get into the habit of delegating projects to others. Well worth it.

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But Wait There’s More…

We’re not finished yet…
This tools guide will evolve and improve over time, as our own business grows, as we’ll need different tools and as new tools hit the market. We’ll keep you posted on the changes.

…and neither are you!
Wherever you’re at with your event business, you now have a ton of tools you need to take it to the next level. We’ve done the research and dealt with all the losers so you don’t have to. No matter the time a week you have to work on your events, using the right tools will help you fully leverage the time you have and beat your competition.

So get the tools and let’s get your business ready for prime time.

**If you have any questions about any of these resources, please feel free to post a question on my Facebook Page at **

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