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Case Study: KingSumo Giveaways List Building Results

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kingsumo giveaway results

Everybody loves to win stuff right? At least everybody with a pulse. Even the most unemotional human being in the world gets a little twinge in the area where there’s suppose to be a heart, when they find out they won free sprinkles on their ice cream cone.

You Get Free Sprinkles, YOU Get Free Sprinkles, YOU GET FREE SPRINKLES!

Small or large, people love to win free stuff. Don’t believe me? Then check out one of the best TV moments of all time…

The Oprah Car Giveaway Episode.

Chills right? Very epic moment.

OK, so we’re not Oprah, nor do we have the budget to give away a bunch of Pontiacs to our party patrons. However we can leverage the same idea.

BUT how do we do it?

What tools do we use?

What are the benefits?

Grab a seat and get your pen, pad / tablet out to take notes, or you could just share the post below so you could get a PDF of the steps to take. Either way you’re in

the pefect place to learn how to do your own epic giveaway.

What you’ll learn in this post:
learning 1 How to Run Your Own Giveaway.
learning 2 Pitfalls to Avoid When Running A Giveaway.
learning 3 Strategies On Getting The Best Results.
learning 4 How Giveaways Can Build You A Big Email List.

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Benefits Of Doing A Giveaway

First of all let’s discuss the benefits of doing a giveaway for your next event. There are many great benefits, but here are a few of the most important ones.

1. Giveaways Build Your Email List

I threw the most important benefit to the front of the line, because… well… it’s the most important. We’ve discussed this at length before in a previous post but it bares repeating. Building your email list is one of the main activities you should be focused on in your business.

Not your Facebook fans.

Not your Twitter followers.

Your EMAIL List. Priority numero uno! ( Love my Spanish? )

Doing a give away, especially with the KingSumo Giveaways plugin we’re going to discuss is an awesome way to do that.

2. Create Good Vibes with Your Audience

As we mentioned earlier, people love to win things whether large or small. We thrive on just having a CHANCE!

If we could only win free sprinkles, a plush giraffe at the county fair, the lottery, we get excited much.

Also to be honest, in a business where promoters and clubs are always TAKING from their clients, it’s good to be on the GIVING side. People appreciate that you’re not just beating them into submission to attend your next event.

3. Create Buzz for Your Event

Top benefit number tres, is giveaways help create buzz for your event. People share the excitement in the potential of winning, they send their friends to your event page, they tweet about it, post it on Facebook, send out morse codes, smoke signals and the whole nine yards.

Pretty awesome right?

Another form of promotion that’s not just flyers, flyers, flyers and unnecessary SPAM.

It’s people willingly sharing YOUR message for you, for basically free. Again, AWESOMESAUCE!

4. Another Reason to Contact Your List

Giveaways and contests give you another reason to contact your lists, followers and friends without being spammy.

You’re not bothering them with another ad for your event, you’re offering them an opportunity to win something cool.

You’re building trust, talking to them more, being a good friend.

“Hey, I’m just trying to make you a winner!”

So how do you get all these benefits for yourself and your own events?

Well enter the KingSumo Giveaway Plugin

What Is The KingSumo Giveaway App


We’re always looking for unique and innovative ways to market to our audience. No sense doing the same things your competition is doing right?

A great way to discover new ideas is to research other industries. One of our favorite industries or niches, is the the Internet Marketing or Online Marketing industry. Business on the internet moves so quickly that these marketers have to always be innovating. So what better industry to learn from?

That’s how I discovered this posts on the KingSumo plugin.

This post by Josh Earl blew my mind, building 200k emails in 11 days? Who doesn’t need that in their life? He did it all with KingSumo and went very in depth into how he pulled it off.

So I said, “SIGN US UP!”

Below is a dive into how our first experiment went with the plugin. Things we learned along the way, results and how we plan on making it a bigger success the next time.

What We Did

Excited to try the giveaway plugin / app for our event, we got into motion and used it for a special Halloween event we already had taking place.

In comments of the original post we read about giveaways, we saw that it was important to give away something enticing to your audience and connects with your business. Better than giving away an iPad which everyone and their granny would be interested in, but not totally targeted to your main audience. So we decided we’d give away a Ciroc VIP section to the event that usually goes for $350 once taxes and gratuity are covered.

A real value of $350, plus a section and 7 of their friends partying with them for free. CHECK!

Setting up the app itself was pretty easy and straightforward. Once we added the necessary text and images, we were live and the giveaway page looked like this.

Giveaway Example

When people got to the page and answered a super simple question, they would receive a confirmation email with a “lucky link” they could use to refer others to the giveaway and get credit for themselves to count as more chances.

On 10 / 09 / 2014 We Were Live and Posted the Event to Our Instagram Page ( Over 1400 Followers )

KingSumo Instagram

Then we watched with excitement… TIC … TOC… OOOHH 1st entry!

By the end of the day we ended up with only 7 contest entries. In our enthusiasm to get the contest up and going, we didn’t stop to think that we would have to put a big push behind it.

We would continue to post to Instagram through the duration of of the contest and averaged 30+ like and 4-5 comments for those posts.

On 10 / 10 / 2014 We sent a blast to a recent portion of our email list segment of 600 people that weren’t already being hit by other promotional emails and weekly messages.

Kingsumo Giveaways Email

This resulted in another 13 immediate sign ups to the giveaway for the VIP section.

By 10 / 20 / 2014 after letting the people entering the giveaway do their thing and a few more Instagram & Twitter posts just from our accounts we had 48 Contestants Sign Ups. Not too shabby at all.

On 10 / 23 / 2014 we decided to shoot a message to a segment of our Text Message List of 1k people which bumped us up to 76 Contestants.

So we’re noticing some thing here. Every time a message was sent out regarding the contest, whether it was IG, email or text, the entries went up. At this point with the little boost, we hoped the numbers would have been more viral. Interesting test none the less.

Right before the contest was to close, we sent another email to that first target segment and posted to our Instagram page again.

Kingsumo Giveaways Email 1

The clock ticked and there was a final rush of entries and sharing taking place amongst the contestants. We’d hoped to at least clear 100 entries at the end of it all. That wouldn’t be bad for a few clicks and allowing the KingSumo Giveaways Plugin to do its thing right?

The Results?

So were we able to get 200k new contacts like Joshua in the initial giveaway results post? No, not quite.


With our quick experiment we were able to get 127 Contestants ( total 257 Entries )

Giveaway Result

That was 127 Emails, with some people getting additional entries because they were able to refer more people through their lucky link.

Out of the 127 Email contacts from the contest, 108 were brand new contacts that weren’t in our current database.

Not bad for a few weeks and a quick test.

Can you imagine what the results would be like for your own list with proper planning and a big push?

What We Could Have Done Better

These results aren’t mind boggling, but they’re quite encouraging for something that was pretty much on autopilot for the most part.

So here are some observations and what we plan to implement for our next KingSumo Giveaway.

Have A Launch Plan for The Giveaway

As we do with our events, we plan to have a launch plan for the giveaway. We’ll have specific dates when we’ll decide to post on Instagram, via email, by text message and even on Facebook.

Having a plan of action to go by will help the execution be better instead of just “trying” a method by chance.

As they say,

Launch to Our Full Email List

We had good results by sending 2 emails to a list of 600, so next we’ll launch to a bigger portion of our list, at least 10,000 members to see what level of virality and engagement we can hit with the contest.

As with the previous test, we’ll send multiple messages with hopes of hitting a network effect.

Target Other People In Our City Who are on Facebook Ads

We’ve been testing Facebook lately as a method of targeting people interested in our type of event and genre of music. There have been great success with this strategy, so we’ll be applying this to KingSumo Giveaway.

Facebook ads can be quite cheap once you know what you’re doing and a VIP giveaway should be enticing to make the ads convert well.

We’ll be sure to drop another case study on how we’ve been utilizing Facebook Ads and how they could benefit you.

Use Twitter Ads to Target My Audience

The same as above, we’ve been testing elements of the Twitter advertisement platform. It does not have as much control as Facebook’s ad platform, but there’s enough targeting there to see how this could convert for our giveaway.


RECOMMENDED READING: Here are other ways you can test strategies on your own. Read Here.

Testing Other Prize Options / Offers

So not everyone is a drinker… GASP, Blasphemy!

Therefore we’ll be trying other types of giveaways people may be interested in. Might even go against the advice of the masses and throw in an iPad giveaway to see if there’s any truth to their claims.

Get Others Involved

This first giveaway was mainly ran through our accounts and lists. The results could have been exponentially better if we incorporated help from others.

Having other people posting to their social media accounts, sending out emails and text message, exposing the contest to a larger audience. More eyeballs, more engagement, better conversions.

Running Another Giveaway Soon With These Changes

The experiment, results and feedback were so encouraging that we’ve gone and got another giveaway underway. We’re currently running it to our full list of people with some of the tweaks mentioned above.

Hopefully you enjoyed the details on this experiment and see how it could be beneficial to your own events. Especially if you’re launching to a bigger list, your giveaway could blow up and go viral. Most importantly it will help build your email list faster.

If you’re interested, be sure to check out the KingSumo plugin for your website. Highly recommended!

When we get results from the new giveaway we’ll be sure to update you. Shooting to at minimum double the results from this first test run.

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 tweetable Tweet this! Giveaways and contests are an awesome way to build your list quickly.

Now It’s Your Turn – Had Experience With Giveaways?
Have you ran your own contest or giveaway? Seen others try similar strategies?

What were the results and what did you learn from your own experience?

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