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34+ Most Used Celebrity Hosts and Their Benefits

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“One at a time! ONE AT A TIME LADIES!”

The club security and local sheriff had their hands full as legions of salivating women made their best effort to throw themselves at our celebrity host for the night.

Just moments before, we overheard on the radio that our guest host was on the way and we had to prepare the VIP area. Little did we know the level of hysteria that would soon ensue.

As soon as he stepped into the building, everything hit slow motion (Matrix Mode) like a club scene from your favorite movie.

flashing lightsCamera bulbs flashed, ladies clutched their girlfriends, others adjusted their push up bras and guys snarled in disapproval as their women all but threw their panties like hunting weapons to capture their prey.

Here he came, security in tow, suit well fitted, with a matching Colgate smile, twinkle and all. Boris Kodjoe had the 12 Ballroom in Atlanta in a frenzy. The vibe was electric and escalated to higher levels as he hit the DJ booth to address the throngs of women in attendance.

“Is everybody having a good time?!” he shouted through the microphone.

*Screams of approval rained through the atmosphere*

This wasn’t the first and would not be the last time, we’d see the effects of what a good event host could do for a successful event. Over time, we’d learn from hosting other celebrities, the highs, the lows, dreams and nightmares that come along with the territory.

So you’re considering having a celebrity host your next event, but what should you expect? What’s the real benefits? What should you look out for?

Keep reading, you’re in the right place.

What you’ll learn in this post:
learning 1 How to decide which hosts to use for your event.
learning 2 Ways to leverage their celebrity to make your event a success.
learning 3 What to avoid when planning your celebrity hosted event.
learning 4 Who are the top celebrity hosts nightclubs and event promoters use for their events.

IMPORTANT : You can scroll down to the list of the top party hosts here at the end of this post.

When it comes to celebrity hosts, there are quite a few benefits:

1. Attract Their Fan Base

Make no mistake about it, if you have a hot host for your event, many of their fans will show up for them. Especially in a day and age with social media ( Twitter, Instagram, etc.) celebrity fans are quite engaged and know where their favorite people are and want to see and be seen with them.

So if you have a celebrity host, make sure you spread the word far and wide, to alert and stir their fan network.

2. Get More Buzz / Momentum for Your Event

Celebrities large and small create a certain amount of excitement for your event and makes it seem larger than life. If there are celebrities, ladies will get their best outfit together and call their girlfriends to do the same. Guys will know there are tons of ladies expected to turn up, so they will show up with hopes of capturing a few themselves. Typical human behavior.

Also the venue staff will attempt to be at their best. Everyone is on alert and it’s far from just another regular night at the club. More people, more money and more excitement.

3. Lends Legitimacy / Elevates to Your Brand

It’s inevitable, especially if your celebrity hosted event becomes a success, some of their celebrity shine will rub off on your brand.

Clubs, patrons and even your competitors will start looking at you and your events differently. You’re now in the spotlight yourself, even brighter if you consistently decide to leverage the stardom of other celebrity hosts.

Your phone will ring with more opportunities, venues will decide to cut better deals and everyone will possibly think you’re rolling in dough, bathing in rose petals and sipping champagne with your morning breakfast.

Be prepared for the pressure and expectations that come along with the success.

Celebrities, set the tone that your event is where everyone should be that night. That helps eclipse other possible event options for the night.

4. Ability to Charge More

Adding a celebrity host to the bill, as with celebrity DJs, allows you the ability to charge more for your experience.

The expectations for attendees are higher and they expect to pay accordingly. This spells higher payouts for you at the end of the night, even though your expenses will also be a bit or much higher based on the hosting fee charged by your celebrity.

Although you’re able to charge more at the event, don’t go raping your audience. Yes some will pay at that moment, but can leave with a bitter taste in their mouth for you and your next event.

Strike a balance between making a profit and being fair to your patrons, unless you expect to be one and done in your event marketing lifespan.

You now know the benefit but what should you be aware of?

Watch Out for These Things

1. Make sure you’re dealing with the right booking person.

Don’t fall prey to many of these false booking agents set up to only scam you out of your hard earned money.

“Yeh Jay-Z is my cousin, 3rd removed from my Auntie side. Trust me, just send a deposit.”

There are folks out there claiming to be booking agents and managers of artists and celebrities, when they’re nothing of the sort. As with many things related to event marketing, make sure you verify you’re spending your money in the right places and with the right people.

Don’t become a victim with less money in your pocket and a “no show” talent at your event. Bruising not only your ego, but also your reputation.

2. Beware of your talent double booking the same night of the event.

We’ve seen this happen many times where the talent you’re booking decides to book many appearances in the same night, in an effort to just do a walk through and collect checks.

If they are targeting different audiences, this could be fine. However there are very few celebrities and host with such a broad appeal, that they can host separate events with opposing demographics in the same night.

You want the full benefit of your hosts’ star appeal, so emphasize the importance of making your event their exclusive stop for the night. Protect your investment.

3. Some people actually avoid celebrity hosted events.

Having celebrities attached to an event is actually a turn off to some individuals who just want to go out and party. Some patrons rather avoid the limelight and excitement that follows celebrity talent.

We’ve seen before, where a party can be halted, because everyone stops what they’re doing and begin celebrity gawking. No dancing, no drinking, just celebrity watching, phones out and mouths wide open to catch every star studded moment.

“Oh snap! She just looked in our direction!”

So be aware that this could happen to your event. You want the celebrity host to add, not take away from your experience.

4. Could come with extra drama and headache.

All TMZ fans know that for some celebrity hosts, alcohol, partying, tons of people and celebrity cronies sometimes become a formula for a catastrophe …. AND great headlines. An event can quickly bubble over from excitement to insanity really quick. Becoming a nightmare for you the promoter, the venue and your guests.

No one is a fortune teller to point our exactly when this could happen at your event. However, be aware of the talent you’re booking and if they come with any unnecessary history / baggage you’d like to avoid.

5. Cost Is Another Risk

Let’s face it, these big names cost money. Just because you book a celebrity, does not guarantee success for your event. So you need to be mindful of what else is taking place and also how much you plan on spending for the celebrity experience the night of your event.

Don’t go blowing the bank on a celebrity host that doesn’t match your target audience, event theme or has no relevance at the current time.

Considering your host is an event investment you’ll want to make sure you use the leverage tactics and strategies below to get a good return on that investment.

Of course there are many benefits and a few things to watch out for, but how do you extract the most benefit from your celebrity host and make it translate to your event’s success?

Here’s How to Leverage Your Celebrity Host

1. Get Their Cosign for The Event

Whether it’s multiple audio and video drops, pictures of them holding your marketing material, posting on their social channels etc. You need your host to let their fans and network know that they’ll definitely be at the event.

It’s happened all too often where a celebrity is promoted for an event and they’re a “no show”.

The cosign from the artist / celebrity legitimizes the event. If they say they’re going to be there, then it makes your marketing credible.

Also getting multiple formats, allow you to use more than just a stock image of them for your promotion. You’re able to use video, audio and more on your Instagram, Twitter and other social media accounts.

If you’re professional in your approach and treat them well they will be more likely to aid in the marketing of the event. Success makes them look good.

2. Let Them Share With Their Social Media Audience

If you can get your talent to promote through their channels as well, it will help stir their audience. Get help with doing some of the heavy lifting. You don’t just want your host to show up and collect a check. You’re spending good money with them, so get your money’s worth.

People like Diddy and the ladies of Taz’s Angels are awesome at this, where they will hype their followers and let them know where the place to be is.

The more, the merrier for you, the venue, the party and also the host. Everyone wins when the host is involved in the marketing.

Target their fan pages on Facebook and Twitter. Both platforms have advertising features that allow you to target your ads to fans interested in the specific celebrity. For some that means millions of people.

3. Catch Them On Tour

A great tip is to catch your talent when they’re on tour or in your town. When they’re marketing a new album release, movie, book, liquor or whatever, they want to get out in front of as many people as possible. Make it a partnership between yourself and them to achieve this outcome for them.

Talent is more apt to work with you on their hosting fees when they are trying to accomplish more than just putting extra dollars in their pockets.

4. Document The Whole Event, Pictures and Video A Must

Pictures are worth a thousand words, video a million!

Have images captured for your event with your celebrity host to provide social proof for your next event. You want your marketing to show that when you say a celebrity is going to host your event that they actually show up. You also want to document the turnout so others will think to themselves that will NOT MISS your next experience.

Take pics, add video and then post it everywhere after your event. Nothing sells better than proof.

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If you’re interested in hosting a celebrity for your next event, here’s 31+ of some of the frequent event hosts the big clubs and promoters love to tap for success.

NOTE:Numbers mentioned below are at the time of this posting 09/17/2014

Diddy aka Puff Daddy

learning 1 Twitter: @iamdiddy | 9.9M Followers
learning 1 Instagram: @iamdiddy | 4.1M Followers
learning 1 Facebook | 4.7M Fans


Kim Kardashian

learning 1 Twitter: @KimKardashian | 23.6M Followers
learning 1 Instagram: @kimkardashian | 18.7M Followers
learning 1 Facebook | 23.3M Fans

Kim Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian

learning 1 Twitter: @khloekardashian | 11.1M Followers
learning 1 Instagram: @khloekardashian | 12.8M Followers
learning 1 Facebook | 12.4M Fans

khloe kardashian

Kendall Jenner

learning 1 Twitter: @KendallJenner | 8.7M Followers
learning 1 Instagram: @kendalljenner | 13.5M Followers
learning 1 Facebook | 7M Fans

kendall jenner


learning 1 Twitter: @myfabolouslife | 2.9M Followers
learning 1 Instagram: @myfabolouslife | 1.6M Followers
learning 1 Facebook | 2.5M Fans


Taz’s Angels

learning 1 Twitter: @TazsAngels | 36.2K Followers
learning 1 Instagram: @tazsangels_ | 678K Followers
learning 1 Facebook | 30.9K Fans

taz angels

Pusha T

learning 1 Twitter: @pusha_t | 928K Followers
learning 1 Instagram: @kingpush | 363K Followers
learning 1 Facebook | 1.3M Fans

pusha t

Draya Michele

learning 1 Twitter: @drayaface | 682K Followers
learning 1 Instagram: @sodraya | 2.8M Followers
learning 1 Facebook | N/A


Juicy J

learning 1 Twitter: @therealjuicyj | 1.83M Followers
learning 1 Instagram: @juicyj | 1.2M Followers
learning 1 Facebook | 3.8M Fans

juicy j

Karrueche Tran

learning 1 Twitter: @karrueche | 449K Followers
learning 1 Instagram: @karrueche | 1.8M Followers
learning 1 Facebook | N/A

karrueche tran

– Back to Top Of The List –

Scott Disick

learning 1 Twitter: @ScottDisick | 4.7M Followers
learning 1 Instagram: @letthelordbewithyou | 5.2M Followers
learning 1 Facebook | 501K Fans

scott disick


learning 1 Twitter: @rihanna | 37.2M Followers
learning 1 Instagram: @badgalriri | N/A
learning 1 Facebook | 89.8M Fans


Jay Z

learning 1 Twitter: @jayz_sc | 962K Followers
learning 1 Instagram: N/A
learning 1 Facebook | 21.7M Fans

Jay Z

Nicki Minaj

learning 1 Twitter: @nickiminaj | 18M Followers
learning 1 Instagram: @nickiminaj | 8.7M Followers
learning 1 Facebook | 44.3M Fans

nicki minaj

Kevin Hart

learning 1 Twitter: @KevinHart4real | 12.1M Followers
learning 1 Instagram: @kevinhart4real | 8.2M Followers
learning 1 Facebook | 16.8M Fans

kevin hart


learning 1 Twitter: @CassieSuper | 673K Followers
learning 1 Instagram: @cassie | 2M Followers
learning 1 Facebook | 2.9M Fans


The Game

learning 1 Twitter: @thegame | 1.1M Followers
learning 1 Instagram: @whenarichniggawantyou | 2.3M Followers
learning 1 Facebook | 7.1M Fans

the game

Jason Derulo

learning 1 Twitter: @jasonderulo | 3M Followers
learning 1 Instagram: @jasonderulo | 1.1M Followers
learning 1 Facebook | 17.6M Fans

jason derulo


learning 1 Twitter: @tip | 5.3M Followers
learning 1 Instagram: @troubleman31 | 2.6M Followers
learning 1 Facebook | 22.2M Fans


Rosa Acosta

learning 1 Twitter: @RosaAcosta | 310K Followers
learning 1 Instagram: @rosaacosta | 614K Followers
learning 1 Facebook | 202K Fans

rosa acosta


learning 1 Twitter: @drake | 16.5M Followers
learning 1 Instagram: @champagnepapi | 4.1M of Followers
learning 1 Facebook | 35.5M Fans


– Back to Top Of The List –


learning 1 Twitter: @Usher | 9.7M Followers
learning 1 Instagram: @howuseeit | 2.2M Followers
learning 1 Facebook | 50.9M Fans


Rick Ross

learning 1 Twitter: @rickyrozay | 3M Followers
learning 1 Instagram: @richforever | 2.4M Followers
learning 1 Facebook | 7.3M Fans

rick ross

Trey Songz

learning 1 Twitter: @TreySongz | 7.7M Followers
learning 1 Instagram: @treysongz | 2.7M Followers
learning 1 Facebook | 18.1M Fans

trey songz

Christina Milian

learning 1 Twitter: @ChristinaMilian | 1.3M Followers
learning 1 Instagram: @christinamilian | 1.7M Followers
learning 1 Facebook | 3.1M Fans

christina milian

Chris Brown

learning 1 Twitter: @chrisbrown | 13.6M Followers
learning 1 Instagram: @chrisbrownofficial | 5M Followers
learning 1 Facebook | 39.8M Fans

chris brown

Rocsi Diaz

learning 1 Twitter: @rocsidiaz | 1M Followers
learning 1 Instagram: @RocsiDiaz | 536K Followers
learning 1 Facebook | 169K Fans

rocsi diaz

Snoop Dogg

learning 1 Twitter: @SnoopDogg | 11.5M Followers
learning 1 Instagram: @snoopdogg | 3.6M Followers
learning 1 Facebook | 35.5M Fans

snoop dogg

Angela Simmons

learning 1 Twitter: @AngelaSimmons | 1.2M Followers
learning 1 Instagram: @angelasimmons | 1.4M Followers
learning 1 Facebook | 218K Fans

angela simmons

Terrence J.

learning 1 Twitter: @TerrenceJ | 1.7M Followers
learning 1 Instagram: @iamterrencej | 1.1M Followers
learning 1 Facebook | N/A

terrence j

Kenny Burns

learning 1 Twitter: @kennyburns | 61.3K Followers
learning 1 Instagram: @kennyburns | 91K Followers
learning 1 Facebook | N/A

kenny burns

Teyana Taylor

learning 1 Twitter: @teyanataylor | 975K Followers
learning 1 Instagram: @teyanataylor | 1.8M Followers
learning 1 Facebook | 373K Fans

teyana taylor

Floyd Mayweather

learning 1 Twitter: @FloydMayweather | 5.2M Followers
learning 1 Instagram: @FloydMayweather | 4.1M Followers
learning 1 Facebook | 7.5M Fans

floyd mayweather

Wiz Khalifa

learning 1 Twitter: @wizkhalifa | 15.1M Followers
learning 1 Instagram: @wizkhalifa | 175K Followers
learning 1 Facebook | 34.9M Fans

wiz khalifa

Others Potential Hosts

Those are many of the top players when it comes to hosting events, however keep an eye out for other talents that could add value to your event.

  • Artists w/ New Albums Coming
  • Reality TV Stars
  • Folks 15 Minutes of Fame
  • Actors and Actresses w/ Movies Coming Out
  • Ball Players

Wrapping It All Up

Having a known or pseudo celebrity host your event could do wonders for your turnout, the profile of your company and bottom line. However as mentioned in this post, it’s important that you do your due diligence to make sure you both benefit fully from the experience.

Some of the top talent come at a steep expense, therefore make great use of featuring them so you get your money’s worth. Get the drops and shout outs, market them in as many cost effective avenues and get tons of footage to use for your next event. The more celebrity hosts you acquire over time is the better your reputation will become for other potential hosts.

Treat them and their entourage well. Be professional and you could forge many lucrative relationships for future events.

Here’s to your success!

Now It’s Your Turn – What’s Your Experience With Celebrity Hosts?
Did your event do well? Was it a nightmare? Any tips you have for fellow event marketers?

Leave a comment below to share…

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