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Tweet this! “Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming. – John Wooden”

First of all welcome to and thank you for stopping by.

So why is this site worth visiting every day and what’s in it for your? Cause that’s why you’re here right?

Well, if you’ve been in event marketing and nightclub promotions for any time, even a single day, you realize there are very few resources we can tap into. There’s no Idiots Guide to Making Tons of Money and Not Get Robbed by Club Owners. ( Trust me I looked! )

Even worse there are very few successful event marketers and club promoters willing to share steps, knowledge and the millions of pitfalls to avoid. It’s like you have to sacrifice your 1st born and share pints of blood before the success secrets are bestowed upon you the aspiring entrepreneur. I don’t know about you, but I love my kid and needles / giving blood make me almost black out.

So here we are… Consider it the detailed book, course, resource that you wish you could thumb through when you need pointers, mixed with the general wisdom, shortcuts and little known facts of industry that even the established vets wished they knew. That’s the goal anyway.

With case studies, tutorials, check lists, stories, interviews and good open conversation we hope to help you on your way to your next successful event.

Side Note : I remember sitting in a meeting with my peers and we were talking through ideas, how there must be a better way, expressing our frustration with club owners, getting sponsorship and figuring out how we could possibly become more profitable with what we were doing. Then someone dropped this jewel of a comment as we were exchanging the knowledge we’ve all developed over time. Are you ready?

The comment was…

“Man I wish there was some sort of book for all this. There’s nowhere I can go to gain all this knowledge and insight for for events, parties and concerts!”

Now here we are, That place now exists for him and for you!

Cheers to your success!


A Little About Me

I’m TRENDS and I’ve been creating and consulting on events in my niche in Atlanta for now 12 years and counting. I’ve become successful in a market that has more promoters and marketers per capita, even the grocery store clerk markets events. Its crazy!

Anyway, will you hear or read about me in magazines? Not yet. I’m in the Caribbean niche, I do work, I make money and I go home. I don’t pop champagne, stand on couches and hog the video camera. However I’m more than happy with the life that events have allowed me and I plan on creating even more successful event experiences.

The Event Renegade

I was called a rebel for sharing these event secrets with you.

Should you listen to me? No, you don’t have to… BUT if you find the advice here useful to you, take what makes sense and throw away what you don’t care for. I don’t know everything, I’m not Ms. Cleo or Google. However what I can say is that, you don’t last 12 years by being a complete idiot. You must know a thing or two to survive in the vulture haven of events.

AND I’m going to share those things I know. If you’re smarter than me, you’ll probably do even better. Whether you want to orchestrate from the shadows or want to sip champagne and make it on the TMZ cameras as famed Nightlcub Promoter of Club Superstars.

How else will you benefit?

Well I wanted to grow even more and get unstuck with just using the tools and resources I’ve rested on for years. So I’m going to test new tools, new strategies, new ideas, new tactics and will get to look over my shoulder at my successes and of course the glorious failures. Then you can apply what works to your own events and business, without all the missteps I will make. At minimum you’ll get to laugh at me in the process.

Anyway… enough about me.

Enjoy the site and if you don’t want to miss anything make sure you sign up on the Mastering Events Insider. You’ll get all the cool stuff from the site, plus all the secret items and strategies the Godfathers of Events would kill me for releasing publicly. ( I’m serious! )

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